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Our artists

Zari is the new rising talent in international EDM music. Born and raised among the vibrant cultures of North Africa and the Middle East, her music is a distinctive fusion of tribal rhythms, enchanting melodies and ultimate electro sounds that transports audiences on a soulful journey through the desert and glittering metropolis of the Middle East.

1Da Beatz is a successful beatmaker and one of the brightest promises of the Senegalese music scene.  Born in the bustling city of Dakar, his collaborations with top local and international artists have boosted his music, characterized by a mix of hip-hop, afrobeat, electro, and traditional Senegalese elements.

Paco Briz aka King Lébou is a talented rap artist originally from Yoff, in the heart of Dakar. His magnetic voice and unique style have captured the attention of people all over Senegal, quickly earning him a reputation as one of the most promising rappers in the underground scene in all of West Africa.

DJ Djoloff is an international Senegalese DJ based in Los Angeles. He has performed on the stages of the most exclusive parties and major events, becoming an icon of California nights and contributing significantly to the spread of authentic West African music culture throughout California.